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Inkblaat Insoles® vs Dr Scholl’s® / Odor-Eaters®
  Kills odor causing bacteria  
  Protects shoes  
  Machine wash/dry  
  Won’t bunch up in shoes  
  Long lasting even sockless  
  Money back guarantee  
  Wicks moisture  


Prevents Odors

Inkblaat Insoles provide long lasting foot and shoe odor control with or without socks. Inkblaat utilizes industry leading Aegis Microbe Shield technology which kills the bacteria that causes odor and protects the inside of your shoes from fungus, mold and daily grime. Go sockless with confidence.


Super Comfortable

Inkblaat Insoles comfort cushioning utilize an open cell foam (and moisture wicking top cover that provides more durable and effective cushioning that memory foam or socks. It holds its cushioning for its entire life. The cushioning foam also helps your feet breathe while wicking moisture away on hot sticky days.


Machine Washable

Inkblaat insoles will keep shoes fresh, prevent odor and retain their cushioning even after multiple machine wash and dry cycles. They come with a 30 day money back guarantee which makes them a great value vs. other odor control insoles.

Industry leading Aegis Microbe Shield®
treated top layer kills the bacteria
that causes odor and protects your
shoes from mold, mildew and grime.
Machine wash & dry durability insures
long lasting odor control and comfort
cushioning effectiveness.
Slim profile works well with, or in lieu of,
most sneaker and shoe liners.
Open-weave top layer keeps air flowing.
3 easy to trim sizes
Made from over 90%
recycled materials.
Proprietary open cell structure provides
advantages over memory foam
and gel inserts. Comfort cushioning will
not dissipate over time and it encourages
airflow to keep feet drier.
30 day money-back guarantee.