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The Review Room Says:

I received these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions herein are of my own and are not swayed by Inkblaat. I love these insoles! INKBLAAT INSOLES: CUTE INSOLES FOR THE COMFORT SEEKER.


Recently, I have found something that helps prevent that pesky odor. They are called Inkblaat Insoles and they work great! I suggest taking a look because they have a style for anyone that is looking to remove odor from their shoe’s comfortably.


When’s the last time you got excited about an insole. This is a really cool product from California.  A brand new, smart, fun, functional, and machine wash/dry product that protects and refreshes shoes (along with egos, eyes and noses) from odor causing bacteria. Stylish and enhanced ‘cool’ factor – “The Lowest Form of Self Expression” with 24 fresh and audacious designs from emerging artists. Pick your favorite!


Heart & Sole. Inkblaat Insoles — Give yourself a reason to smile every time you slip on your shoes!


Inkblaat Insoles are the perfect gift for someone you love.

Rachael F. SAYS:

I bought my first pair of Inkblaat Insoles in California a year ago. I recently decided to purchase more, because I want them in all of my shoes. These insoles are like no other. They allow you to wear your shoes without socks and not damage the insides. They keep your shoes smelling and looking normal, feeling better and lasting longer. I have told several people about them when I hear that shoes have been thrown away because of the interior damage. These insoles are washable, durable and stylish to boot. I highly recommend them! Thank you for making this quality product, Inkblaat.

CAPTAIN DAVE G. from Kentfield CA Fire District SAYS:

I have had the Inkblaat insoles in my boots since the day you dropped them off and I find them very comfortable, durable and my boots don’t smell anymore! I have not washed them yet but really like that feature. Thank you very much.


We received our insoles and we all love them! Comfy, light and airy! We have a lawn service and are in a lot of wet,  mud and yuck and definitely have odor control now. And we are stylish!!!!!! Thank you so much and would highly recommend these wonderful insoles!


All five of us in my family have been using Inkblaat Insoles in our shoes for the past three months. We are super happy with the product and it sure has… more

Industry leading Aegis Microbe Shield®
treated top layer kills the bacteria
that causes odor and protects your
shoes from mold, mildew and grime.
Machine wash & dry durability insures
long lasting odor control and comfort
cushioning effectiveness.
Slim profile works well with, or in lieu of,
most sneaker and shoe liners.
Open-weave top layer keeps air flowing.
3 easy to trim sizes
Made from over 90%
recycled materials.
Proprietary open cell structure provides
advantages over memory foam
and gel inserts. Comfort cushioning will
not dissipate over time and it encourages
airflow to keep feet drier.
30 day money-back guarantee.